Common Cooking Terms

  • When offering a cooking class don’t assume your participants understand all the terms in the recipe instructions. Be sure to go over the recipe in its entirety before anybody starts cooking. We recommend explaining the definition of each cooking term, and if possible demonstrate first before asking your participants to try.
  • Somecommon cooking terms for your reference.
    Basic Equipment

Simple Substitutions

  • Almost all recipes can be adapted to some extent.
  • Some bread, muffin and baked goods recipes can be adapted to become gluten-free, or vegan.
  • Some of your participants may want lower fat or lower salt recipes.Some will have health or cultural issues that require changes to recipes
  • These following substitutions will better equip you to adapt a recipe to meet specific needs.
  • We suggest providing both the original and modified recipes in your cooking class so participants can see the substitutions taken to meet their needs
  • Here are some usefulsubstitutions:
    Fats, Oils, and Vinegars
    Fruit and Vegetables
    Herbs and Spices
  • How much does that weigh? VegWorld has put together a reference chart of common ingredients

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