CK Facts

  • CK is home to 41 different processing centres and the world’s largest fresh water commercial fishing port located in Wheatley.
  • By acreage, CK grows more vegetables than any other region in Ontario.
  • In Canada, CK is the number one producer of tomatoes, cucumbers & Brussel sprouts.
  • In Ontario, CK is the number one producer of green peas, quail & field peppers and the number two producer of asparagus.

Despite all of these facts, fruit and vegetable consumption remains low with approximately only 25% of residents reporting that they meet the recommended guidelines (PHO snapshots).

What Will a Food Strategy Do for CK?

It is a plan of action that will:

  • help to increase access and availability to local foods.
  • provide people with the education and information that they need in order to make an informed choice about buying and eating foods.
  • work towards better economic, social and physical environments in our communities.
  • support community organizations and partnerships within the food system.
  • provide structure for mutually accepted goals and a common agenda for partners moving forward as a community.
  • balance the aspirations of the community with municipal and local resources.
  • work with organizations and members of the food system including production, processing and distribution, buying and selling, access and consumption, and waste to help meet specific actions identified.